A Company has reached out to your (your team) to create a solution to aid their users order food online. Using the design thinking aproach, walk me through how you intend to create the solution.

Firstly, i will empathise with the company to find out what the problems they encounted with their previous approach had, using the information gotten from the company, i will create a survey for users, both existing, new and intending users to find out what could have been done better and what their expections was. After defining what the problem is, i would make sketches that would proffer solution to the problems highlited during the research stage, i would also have a meeting/brainstorming session with my team and the company to find out what the company expects of the new design (e.g. their brand colour, the main information they're trying to pass across to their consumers e.t.c.) and sketch possible ideas and wireframes that can fit into their brief and also provide easy user experience for the client.

Then, i would move on to the prototyping stage where i bring all that i have sketched to life and make changes and upgrades to my design. Then i move my design into the testing stage where i have actual users test the design and report back on the issues they had, what they liked, what they would want changed, how easy the usability of the design was and also how to the designs was as regards the colours and fonts chosen. After getting the feedback, i would make adjustments where due and as needed and carry out retest as needed till i get the perfect design that works for the company and the user.